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Thankful for this platform.

The daily kevinmd podcast is something I enjoy on my daily commute. I enjoy hearing the stories of how others in healthcare arenas are impacting patient care and doing great work. Thank you to Dr. Kevin Pho for his ceaseless commitment and drive to bring these education, lived experiences and struggles to remind us all of our common threads in humanity.

Fantastic resource

The KevinMD podcast is a phenomenal resource. I love hearing about the amazing ways that physicians are changing the world.


It was wonderful to participate on the show. The podcast has so many inspiring stories


This podcast is highly educational and honest. It gave the Physicians voice and the way he releases episode daily amazes me. It shows discipline and diligent. Kudos to you!

God bless you!

We are all wishing to support our physicians somehow--and you actually are. What could be more helpful to physicians and the people they care for than a happier, healthier, more productive, and better focused Kevin on the job. Thanks

Inspiring podcasts for physicians to share their voice

The KevinMD social media platform is superb and enables physicians to share their stories and insights!

Best healthcare narrative podcast!

Love how fresh and honest all episodes are and how relevant the issues are to healthcare. Also had the pleasure of being a guest on the show and sharing my own story— thank you for making this possible Kevin!

Kevin Pho sets the bar for physician voices

KevinMD was one of the first platforms that provided other physicians a chance to give their voice some volume. Now…Kevin brings these voices to life in his daily podcast. We, as clinicians, are privileged to work and learn alongside Kevin as he continues to give us a digital place to learn together. These topics are relevant and impactful.

A Physician’s Self Care Song

An outstanding topic with an equally outstanding discussion. As physicians, self-care is of paramount importance in this ever-changing and ever increasing stress-filled culture that we call medicine. The destruction and decimation of or colleagues has been heart breaking to say the absolute least. Bravo for this podcast, Dr. Kevin👏👏👏

Empathy and decreasing medical liability

Kevin’s acumen for diving into content that helps the lives of physicians is always appreciated and vital at this particular time.

Great topics and guests

Kevin has been a leading voice in social media for years. So great to have his work in podcast format! He always has great speakers and relevant topics.

New talents!

Kevin displays great skill as an interviewer and thoughtful subject matter. A nice addition to the narrative medicine landscape.

Excellent podcast

Wonderful advocate for the medical community, who gives a voice to physicians through his blog and podcast.

Truly critical amplification of the physician voice!

All physicians who want to improve healthcare and enjoy practicing medicine by finding meaningful balance in our lives, need to listen to the KevinMD podcast.

Required listening (and reading) for physicians and physicians-to-be

Such a wealth of ideas and information. Thank you for being a force for good in the medical community!

Unquestionably s/b required listening for each & every provider

Above and beyond exceptional. Insightful yet brief glimpses into personal provider accounts of healthcare experiences. Especially appreciate those r/t the art of medicine, a skill lacking far more than perhaps we realize. I used to believe that as long as my physician was “the best”, it would not matter to me if he lacked bedside manner. Years later and an NP now, I have concluded: Why can’t we be both? Finally — I applaud the courage of the contributes to this podcast/website who take the time to share their personal experiences of mental health issues, eg depression, suicidal ideation, et al. It takes a mentally strong and empathic individual to not only acknowledge, but also to document for the world without reproach, their inner struggles. Thank you, Dr. Pho, for your website and podcast. You and your contributors teach me every single day. Keep up the good work.

John Bishop — Medical thriller writer

Dr. Pho: I liked your interview with Dr. Bishop very much because your questions were absolutely spot on and the 11 minutes were packed with information and the personality of both of you. Thank you so much. Pepi Granat MD

Great Podcast

Very resourceful platform. Thank you - Kevin Pho - for your hard work and dedication!

Awesome podcast!

I have learned so much from listening to this podcast, and I even reached out to a doctor after listening to her podcast here and have now been speaking with her one-on-one about our similar goals as physicians in media relations. How incredible is it to find so much in one podcast, such diversity and broad topics, all under one roof? Kevin is kind, attentive, and thorough and I have truly enjoyed listening to what he produces.

Podcast for physicians and med students

Thank you Dr. Pho for the opportunity to speak with you, your podcast is a joy to listen to and just glad to be a part of it

Amazing Podcast

This podcast is amazing, bringing daily information from the world healthcare leaders to your ears.

This physician loves primary care. A pandemic is not going to change that

So well done. Kevin Pho is inspiring and makes you feel at ease. A wonderful quality for a primary doctor. Thanks Kevin for taking the time.

Avoid Politics

Great podcast overall. Please make more effort to avoid political issues including climate change and pure politics as they do not help us when there’s plenty of other issues in medicine including Covid 19 issues to discuss.

Strong leadership

Thanks so much for providing this solid platform for us physicians. Love this podcast

Brilliant idea

Thanks for providing this platform to hear physician voices on things that matter to them.

Our voices heard!

Thank you Kevin for your dedication to giving so many of us, your colleagues, a chance to amplify our voices with sharing our passions in medicine and patient care...strong work!

humanity of medicine

Thank you for sharing the humanity and experiences of our health care community. Perfect podcast for busy physicians - lots packed into those 15 minutes!

Reflections of a Critical Care Nurse

Thank you for interviewing me for this Podcast. I hope it will be well received. Many stories here to reflect upon. Thank you for letting this happen!!

Definitely something for everyone here

KevinMD taking his platform and message to the podcast world was greatness waiting to happen. The short format really takes you to the punch and gets you the major tidbit from each guest.

Really enjoying this!

Enjoy these short little blurbs featuring your featured physicians on your blog.

Great podcast!!

Love your podcast. Very informative.

Important and timely

Both The Podcast and are important resources for anyone who wants to know more about the realities of health care.

Getting the whole story

Love having the opportunity to learn more about the writers behind the essays!

Great Medical Info!

I have been reading Kevin MD blog for years, and re-post articles that pertain to my rare disease Facebook group HAE, AAE Group so that others there can learn about medicine from physicians perspective, as well as articles about ER’s, ICU, doctor visits. The Podcast is a great addition. Thanks Kevin!

A Must Listen

KevinMD’s podcasts are short, sweet and packed with information! Thanks Kevin!

Lives up to the name

THE Podcast indeed! One of the most well known online physician voices isn’t just written anymore. Informative, intriguing, and engaging. I listened to the entire catalogue and can’t wait for more!

Do Not Miss This!

Dr Pho is a leader in the social media space and well known for putting out incredible content. This podcast is a continuation of what we have come to love from Dr. Pho. Do not miss this! Dr. Andrew T Talk2MeDoc Podcast

Rising star on the podcast scene.

The podcast is new, but we all know the host from the blog. I am enjoying the variety of guests so far. It’s a great addition to the physician podcasting scene.

Great Podcast!

A “must listen” podcast from from one of the earliest and most popular online physician voices.

Fan of KevinMD

I have been a fan of Kevin for more than a decade as a loyal blog reader. He is just as engaging on his podcast and continues to help physicians tell their stories. Great listen!

Clear and To The Point

KevinMD’s podcast is concise and to the point. Helps get straight to the point for topics that matters most in medicine that sometimes isn’t talked about enough. Good job! Keep going!

love it so far

KevinMD is the OG physician voice on social media. Glad to see him leverage his platform to start a podcast. Guests have been great so far, quickly working my way through his episodes. Especially love the entrepreneurial stuff like the last episode with Dr Loo. Goals are to be worth interviewing someday! Thank you Dr Pho! Gerald @ GrepMed

Kevin MD pod rules

I've read Dr Kevin's blog almost since the beginning and listening to pod is a no-brainer. I love the fact that the pods are short -- intellectual snack food of medicine

Thank you

Thank you for giving us a voice, Kevin. I enjoy listening to others who are also on the frontlines. These are the voices that should be amplified during the pandemic.

Nothing Like It

Many podcasts cover medical topics and people in healthcare. None do it like Kevin MD. The front line workers truly know healthcare best. These are the voices that rarely get the attention they deserve. A must listen.

A Physician in the venture capital world

Excellent overall talk on venture capital and opportunities for physicians to be involved.

Frontline guilt

Kevin is an empathetic physician who choose topics that I want to hear. So good to have this caring physician having an impact on so many!

Finally! A podcast from KevinMD

Thrilled to see Dr. Kevin Pho drop his new podcast. I can’t think of a better person to host a podcast. Kevin is articulate and let’s his guests shine. I love learning about these inspiring docs and all that they do. Bravo, Kevin!

KevinMD brings it!!

As one might expect from the leading social media voice in Medicine, KevinMD delivers again! These stories are short and sweet, but nonetheless incredibly powerful. Can’t wait to hear more stories from docs who otherwise have a hard time getting their voices to be heard!


Adds another dimension to insightful articles and humanizes doctors.